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17/01/2018 08:23:46
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21/12/2017 15:23:35
Bob Jones (info@ports.org.uk)

Many thanks - the Balintore page has been updated.

21/12/2017 09:25:28
Shirley McLauchlan (shirley.mclauchlan@highland.gov.uk)

Please update your website regarding the late Hamish Mackenzie, the telephone number published is now a private resident.

New Contact
Telephone: 01571 844800
Fax: 01571 844087
Email: harbours@highland.gov.uk

17/10/2017 09:57:43
Christopher Robertson (chris.robertson@keynvormorlift.co.uk)

Thanks for supplying this great source of informatiom

Chris - Keynvormorlift
Falmouth Wharf

23/09/2017 12:02:47
David McNiven (davidmcniven@outlook.com)

I should have checked back with ''In Your Footsteps'' website before my previous post.
Not sure what''s changed but IYF''s not as easy to use as it was.
Still lets you view ports in clockwise or anti-clockwise order around Ireland though, & the Navionics chart is a nice touch.

23/09/2017 10:05:18
David McNiven (davidmcniven@outlook.com)

Brilliant site, been wanting to thank you for ages but your inbox had been abducted by aliens.
The map is a great feature, maybe even better that ''In Your Footsteps'' which I also love.
Thanks again!

27/06/2017 09:43:06
adrian.eaton138@live.co.uk (adrian.eaton138@live.co.uk)

Enjoyed talking to Archie Johnston about John Bellany for my research on the painting "Bonjour Professor Calne". I appreciate the friendly and helpful reception and the patience in answering my questions.
I appreciate it.

26/07/2016 20:17:30
David Ramsbottom (d.ramsbottom@btinternet.com)

I tried to send you an email about some ports that are not on your list, but was told that your inbox is full. If you clear your inbox I''ll send you the information. Thanks for an excellent website.

21/04/2016 19:40:38
loissparshott@hotmail.com (loissparshott@hotmail.com)

Fascinating site!

05/04/2016 17:58:04
Rob Gray (Secretary to Tayport Harbour Trust) (rhg1@st-andrews.ac.uk)

Please could you update the Tayport Harbour Entry? Most of the details are fine but if you could add our new website (tayportharbour.org.uk) that could keep visitors up to speed.

Thank you very much


25/01/2016 17:25:38
Bob Jones (Administrator) (info@ports,org.uk)

Just received this message - The size limit of 40 MB for mailbox ''info@ports.org.uk'' has been exceeded. Incoming mail is currently being rejected. Will sort this out.

25/01/2016 17:17:28
Simon (Simon.coleman@highwaysengland.co.uk)

Is the info email address still active? I sent an email today and it bounced. My original email was not responded to either.

10/01/2016 00:05:24
MAAD (steve@savemarchwood.co.uk)

We are concerned residents of Marchwood, what will happen to our Port at Marchwood, the Army for all these years have been part of the village and it''s community, this cannot be replaced by private business destroying and jeopardising are community and infrastructure, why not read comments on our website www.savemarchwood.co.uk

04/12/2015 10:58:10
raine.taponen (raine.taponen@windowslive.com)

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23/08/2015 17:01:49
Bob Jones (Administrator) (info@ports,org.uk)

Advanced search now sorts alphabetically!

06/08/2015 14:49:38
Bob Jones (Administrator) (info@ports.org.uk)

They are alphabetical - but only within areas (see UK Map). I''ll see if it''s possible to request all results to be alphabetical.

06/08/2015 14:22:38
Mike Walker (michael.walker907@outlook.com)

This website is very good, the only downside is that after an advanced search, the results do not appear in alphabetical order :(

03/07/2015 17:14:35
Laurence Oliver (l-moliver@virginmedia.com)

we have relations over from Australia who wanted to visit Cornwall and in particular polperro, the harbour is still as beautiful as it always has been, we had a great day until we visited the heritage museum cafe, my relations wanted to try a real Cornish paste, the service and attitude of the two lady''s in the cafe was appalling and the service left a lot to be desired, other people we spoke to were also disgusted, they have a prime position and a captive audience with the tourists but seem to make no effort to change their attitude and their manners, it''s being run like a truckers water hole, we were absolutely ashamed to show our Australian relations that this is how we treat our tourists, it needs a good clean up and there service attitude and manner changed, people would cut their right arm off for this little business, incidentally we had no complaint about the Cornish paste it was delicious, I hope someone takes notice of this and speaks to these people about changing their ways.

08/01/2015 22:41:49
Curious ()

I''m curious to know how many of the ports etc shown in this website have effective, 24 hour security, to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, terrorists, weapons, explosives, drugs etc, into Britain? The same applies to the coastline in between them. Comments welcome.

26/12/2014 22:09:08
Ian Lowndes (ian.lowndes1969@gmail.com)


Just a short message to say thank you for creating such a good site. It''s very informative and easy to navigate.



03/12/2014 14:10:03
Colin E Bower (colin@docking-solutions.co.uk)

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Please give us a call if we can be of assistance.
01803 868555

23/11/2014 20:11:07
mutant dock rat (dockmaster@penarth-dock.org.uk)

Excellent site - thank you especially for the pre-industrial history of the South Wales coast.

17/11/2014 07:51:21
Paul Jay (fastpaul.pj@gmail.com)

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the many happy hours I spend at Lydney Harbour. I live in a city centre area and to visit such a charming place means a great deal to me. The radar key facility is wonderful otherwise I would not be able to visit. I am looking forward to spending many more happy Thursday afternoons at Lydney watching the tides . Thank You

05/11/2014 11:21:20
Clive Oxford (clive.oxford@moray.gov.uk)

I am writing to advise of some contact and information update changes, for your website (sent by email on 31.10.14).

Email contact details are now:
General Enquiries: buckieharbour@moray.gov.uk
Harbour Master; Clive M. Oxford AFNI: clive.oxford@moray.gov.uk

The landline telephone number remains the same, although a mobile telephone number for myself is also available: 07779 888599
The maximum L.O.A’s are currently 87.5 Metres at Pier 1 and 80 Metres at Pier 2, maximum Beam 14 Metres and maximum Draft 4.5 Metres.
The harbour is manned 24 hours, 7 days per week.
Thank you.
Clive Oxford