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12/08/2013 12:57:16
Andrew Thomson (andrew.jthomson@btopenworld.com)

Useful info on disused ports.

06/08/2013 11:53:13
The Mission to Seafarers Scotlend (scotland@mtsmail.org)

Just to let you know we are the maritime charity caring for seafarers around the world in over 250 ports including the 85 Scottish ports. Please find us online.

03/07/2013 21:06:00
Martyn Cook (Martyn.cook@cable-training.co.uk)

Fantastic site and a very useful planning tool. I am planning to circumnavigate the UK in a small motor boat later this month. I will be filming all the ports I call into and taking pictures should you require any new pictures please let me know and I will forward them on.

Kind Regards


26/04/2013 20:37:27
Margaret Paterson (catnap39@talktalk.net)

This is so interesting ,just read about Burnmouth,Eyemouth and St.Abbs ,well done

11/04/2013 14:57:43
Ronald B.F.Jensen (ronjensenbf@yahoo.co.uk)

I lived with my Parents and brother at 11 Yardie Buckie until 1957 i was 10 years old. My dad was a fisherman from the port, (ex Danish)had a boat called the Hans Tuasen old Danish anchor seiner.i went to Buckie junior and low school. I have as i am 68 years of age have always and always will have the lasting passion of Buckie. I have lived in England the rest of my life.

14/03/2013 23:12:18
Don Joscelyne (donjoscelyne@gmail.com)

Very informativeF

15/12/2012 21:21:25
Carlos J. Tibbetts (tibbc1@gmail.com or ctibbetts@hawaii.rr.com)

Top notch website. Would that other countries had such a site documenting their ports and harbors.

05/12/2012 22:04:38
jimmy mair (jimmymair@aol.com)

now living in oxford but stillhave very fond and happy memories of my old home town. my father had butchers shop opposite the picture house in west church street,jim mair the butcher.

kind regards to all who know me.

jim mair.

07/11/2012 17:16:29
joan (joanmartin800@hotmail.com)

looking for old friends from Portavogie Co Down

11/10/2012 17:04:22
Kenny Allen ()

Bob - looking at the map of the ports that you have visited, I must offer my congratulations on the extensive work you have put into it - Kenny

11/10/2012 16:50:26
Bob Jones ()

Some of the comments on this Guestbook relate to a specific port or harbour. If so, please mention the location, otherwise I don''t know which place you''re talking about!

26/09/2012 14:46:17
regkelly (regkelly261@yahoo.com)

I would like to contact a a senior serving member of the Regt. It was my last posting in 1979 . I am now retired and have close contacts with Army Associations and would like to hold a reunion at McMullen Bks. Can you please advise ? or at least make contact? Thank you. Yours Reg Kelly.

20/08/2012 18:49:05
Drew McFarlane-Slack (dmcslack@aol.com)

Re Kinlochleven.
since the decision to end Aluminium smelting at Kinlochleven, well over £20m has been spent in providing a new economy for the village and in the 12 years since closure I think,rather than devastated, the community is now more resilient and more in charge of its destiny than at any stage in its history.

16/06/2012 20:25:45
Ian Mackinnon (juramac@live.co.uk)

Visited on the 22 Nd May with my wife with
very good dry weather. Great place to visit and view the Paps of Jura.

My I suggest a information board to advise
visitors the history.


09/06/2012 16:01:07
David Benyon (david.benyon@lineone.net)

A very interesting site. Finding a place to moor a boat in the south of England tends to be difficult and expensive as invariably the squirearchy will have claimed everything.

07/06/2012 22:09:34
Susie McCall (James) (sjames@kcs.kana.k12.wv.us)

I am trying to find out about my family in Scotland. My grandfather was David McCall and he left Scotland in the early 1900''s for Canada. Kingholm Quay was where his family is from. His father''s name was James McCall and his mother''s name was Jane McCall. He was a fisherman.

30/04/2012 01:36:43
Jill Jurd (jill_jurd@hotmail.com)

I worked at the Captain''s Cabin as a waitress in August 1969, with a group of English girls, I was the only Australian, I would very much like to get in touch with one of the girls, her name was Helen MacDonald, unfortunately she moved from the address she gave me, and I have not been able to locate her, any assistance would be appreciated

24/04/2012 10:19:46
Annabel Dance (annabelbowker@hotmail.co.uk)

Hi, lovely site, we are putting a link to your site on the Lydney Yacht Club website lydneyyachtclub.org, and I was wondering if you would be willing to put a link on your site for us? That way visiting yachtsmen will be able to get our contact details and we can welcome them.
Thanks very much,
Annabel Dance, sailing secretary, Lydney Yacht Club.

15/03/2012 02:15:51
Dave Parker (dwpdoggy@aol.com)

This Fascinates me as an amature historian [want to be]. I was doing genealogical indexing and found on the 1871 census the vessel, MATCHLESS, 555.278 out of Gorey Bay Harbour, Jersey. with a crew of 4 and the Masters wife.
I wanted to know what sort of fishing this vessel was engaged in, so I looked up MATCHLESS 1871-1872 and found that the MATCHLESS had been lost near Hauxley, Northumberland [Coquet Island Light House and Rocks of Hauxley] on
18 Dec. 1872.
My inquirery was for the names of the crew members from the 1871 Census vs the 1872 Shipwreck.
I was very surprised to find that four(4) ships were lost that same night within the same area.
18th December 1872 Wrecked two miles north of Amble; crew lost.( Lloyd''s.)

18th December 1872 The Ocean, of Lynn has been wrecked near here (i.e Amble)( Lloyd''s.)

18th December 1872 The Russell supposed of Poole, wrecked at Hauxley; crew lost ( Lloyd''s.)

18th December 1872 Wrecked at Hauxley; crew lost ( Lloyd''s.)

In looking at satelite images and photographs of the area one can visualize what a horrific night that must have been, if there was a storm?

I also found a list of 10 UKN persons washed ashore within the next two (2) weeks

I am still looking for the names of the crew members of the MATCHLESS when the voyage started prior to 12/18/1872 and what is it they were fishing for on that trip?

I have tried Lloyds but at 28 tonnes Matchless is insignificant and I have yet to find the record of the loss except that Lloyds apparently covered that loss.

20/01/2012 14:12:11
stuart ungless ()

Hi - very interesting website, I have visited a few myself from Lamorna in the SW to St Andrews in the E and Croig in the NW, but not as many as Bob on his Coastrider trip which linked me to this site. Thanks!

19/12/2011 13:21:17
Bob Jones (info@ports.org.uk)

It''s the fifth link down on the left-hand side. It says ''Contact www.ports.org.uk''.

19/12/2011 11:49:27
Jon Mosen (concur@tiscali.co.uk)

There is much outdated information on this
website The webmaster does not supply a link for contacting him, so would suggest anyone browsing this site does so with reservations

15/12/2011 16:08:46
Jacqueline Gardner (jackie442734@yahoo.co.uk)

Interesting site but a pity it''s nearly 12 years out of date.

23/10/2011 19:35:26
Tim (data@shipscene.co.za)

Hi there,

Pleased to advise we are now showing Ridham Dock as a marked location on www.shipscene.com

Access is free so pls check out current vessels in your location.

PS: If you have a separate AIS receiver we will gladly display your data feed on www.shipscene.com

09/10/2011 17:50:10
brian brimson (brian.brison@sky.com)

i had the privilege of serving at
marchwood for 22 yr s from 1958 19 80
i was a port operator