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07/11/2009 18:47:23
jeffrey (jeffsil1999@hotmail.com)

this is a very good site ,,As I am building my site on the walks on the north side river bank''s from howden to faxfleet,,

all the best

03/10/2009 11:22:24
Chris Downie (chrisdowni@aol.com)


05/09/2009 02:44:14
PC1 Patrick James McKenna, USN (Ret.) (marionmckenna@tds.net)

The photo of the of the Ardnadam Pier, even in its current dilapidated state brings back many memories.
In 1984, I spent eight months attached to the Clyde Area Shore Patrol, assigned the duties of Beach Guard at the end of the Ardnadam Pier.
We worked with the Ministry of Defense Police. The MODP were true professionals and great friends.

03/09/2009 08:46:08
Bob Jones (info@ports.org.uk)

Jan (see below). The best I can do is to point you to www.kalle.mbps.se/Fartyg/Axel Gorthon.htm
Bob Jones - Webmaster

03/09/2009 08:25:03
Jan Modin (bojanmodin@gmail.com)

Were can I find Roy Stilgoe
seamen omboard Axel Gorthon
in year 1957-58.
if you know please contact me.

24/08/2009 11:20:16
Robby F. Tampubolon SE (robby@barunaindonesia.com)

We''ve planed to build our Marine Development & Cruise''s Port Facilities located in Bali - A Tourism Destination from all over the world , Indonesia.

I would be highly appreciate I I could getting some further information from Ports& Harbours of The UK for our reference''s Guidance Purposes.Our website : www.barunaindonesia.com

All The Best,ROBBY
COO PT. Baruna Indonesia

03/08/2009 16:20:37
Jeannie Deroy (chiefjean@yahoo.com)

My daughter, Mary, was so excited to see her father''s name, Wayne Morris, in the Marchwood port

11/06/2009 19:01:58
Capt. Thomas Martin (tmartin642@tds.net)

A delightful site,i have been to Pompero in wales and it was so very interesting the port area mustbe hundreds of years old,i hope to make the same trip one day.

20/04/2009 22:13:12
Ian Forbes (ianforbes_8@sympatico.ca)

my grandfather(kenneth Forbes) was a well known Lybster fisherman in the late
1800 and early 1900 years He had 5 sons
2 were coopers, also his wifes brother was the blacksmith in Lybster,his name was Alec Sutherland, also called the boomerang This website is very informative to me as it reminds me of
family stories of Lybster and the great
fishing vilage of years gone by

14/04/2009 21:15:33
Mr Zapcat - Neil Bainbridge (neil@mrzapcat.com)

Hi your site has helped me with my passage plan for "around Britain Single Handed" in aid of Clic Sargent and RNLI The New Lizard LifeBoat, leaving Lyme Regis 5th July 2009 i can be tracked with MrineTrack from the web site. For more info please email me.
Great Site Thanks Neil

23/03/2009 09:56:14
Justin Brown (justin.brown@valence.com)

Was down on Saturday Diving the Alister, Harbour was clean and well presented. Most enjoyable dive.

21/03/2009 22:46:58
Peter Hazell (peterjhazell@hotmail.co.uk)

What a port it is now. when I was there there was only one jetty not much more, I was in A troop 52 Squadron RCT 1975 -1979 at Marchwood and enjoyed most of the time even the round the clock off loading and loading.

17/03/2009 11:02:24
Paul Cook (Simpson) (paulcook002@aol.com)

I found this site while looking for information on the Isle of Stroma. My mother''s family came from Stroma and her Grandfather Malcolm Simpson (my Great Grandfather)and his brother Walter Simpson came down to London to make a new life. I believe they bother became City of London policemen!

13/03/2009 11:27:06
Edward Buchan (e.buchan@lcfr.co.uk)

An excellent website

09/03/2009 09:36:27
Allan Jeffrey (termapest@btconnect.com)

Very Informative site especially loading and history.
Many thanks

01/12/2008 12:06:20
Chris (coasterchris8@yahoo.co.uk)

Very good website. Try this link its about Coasters, Fishing Vessels and Harbors try it and sign up! The address is: www.coasterphotos.webs.com Have Fun!

22/11/2008 18:07:23
Jannes (jannesxl@gmail.com)

I was looking for a small port I had been once .I asked by mail for help and in no time I had the answer :It was Charlestown It is even more beautiful than in my memories. We will visit it next year and many more beautiful harbours.Again many thanks
Regards Jannes.

22/11/2008 17:18:32
Ray Millard (raymillard@btinternet.com)

Re: Cley next the Sea.
Cley was one of the Glaven Ports, whose history was described in a book by Mr. Hooton (?).
However, despite the silt and the difficult entry to Blakeney Harbour, many of us still enjoy messing about in boats.
Since 1994 I have been chair of the Cley Boat Club. We have moorings for our various craft in the River Glaven by Cley Mill. It''s a lovely unspoilt place, but the narrow river means only dinghies and small craft can reach there. But we wouldn''t change it for the world!!!

11/08/2008 12:31:02
Ade Awonaike (ade.awonaike@seaplanner.com)

I would like to know if I could get the ports data in a GIS format?

Hope to hear from you soon.

02/08/2008 09:07:11
Darryl Hare (darrylhare@hull-college.ac.uk)

As the Ports & Logistics Coordinator at Hull College, I must congratulate you on this invaluable repositry of information - a very good job of work indeed.

19/07/2008 13:59:48
Leo Baal (wolf4649@freenet.de)

Hello, Excellent website, very enjoyable.
Greetings from
Angelsportverein ASV 1971 Ober-Roden e.V.

14/07/2008 22:05:32
Michael Mathews (mikemat@webmail.co.za)

My great-great-great-great grandfather was apparently the first harbour master at Lowestoft.

I visited it recently from South Africa.

Great to find this website.

15/06/2008 10:56:30
paul smith (p.smith.2007@btinternet.co)

Just had a nostalgic look at bp facility finnart. Brought back memories of about 1974. Woke up onboard Sylvania(norwegian tanker) from P.G. To find us tied up at finnart. Remember low mist on the hills. And suprising flower beds covering tanks. A most delightful venue after 6 weeks at sea. Never was or will be forgotten. Love to go back one day and have another look at excellence.

17/05/2008 09:47:15
John Woods (john_woods@fsmail.net)

Great info,many thanks.

12/03/2008 20:02:05
s. watkins (sjlwatkins@aol.com)

newhaven pp have closed the beach and arm so does not in any way provide leisure facilities,and its disregard for local anger at this is making it an extreemly unpopular company,so prehaps you could alter your description.