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27/01/2008 00:29:51
Joost Overmars (j.overmars@cals.nl)

Great site! We are planning a 5 month trip from Holland around the UK with our 24 Ft. sailing yacht this summer. This site is of great help!

21/01/2008 09:36:29
Keith Watson (kawatson@hotmail.co.uk)

Hello Bob, long time since we met. Hope you are well. I really enjoyed looking at the ports I used to visit,(I was stationed at Marchwood for a while).
Best wishes Keith Watson.

18/01/2008 10:29:56
Rachel (rachel.sargeant@miele.co.uk)

I am researching ports/ harbours & docks in the UK for a marine project for my company. This site is really useful.

16/01/2008 21:30:36
Marie Birkbeck (mmariah2001@telus.net)

As Rispond is the ancestoral home of my Gr Grandfather, I am inthralled by the prospects of actually seeing in person, not only the home where he lived for many years, but the country as well.

15/01/2008 13:22:14
Ambriel (ambriel@our-place.org.uk)

Superb website. Packed with information. Many thanks.

30/12/2007 12:43:03
peter nuttall (peter.nuttall@btopenworld.com)

Hello i was told about this website the other day and i found it very interesting from peter and crew of the M.V Margherita.

05/12/2007 05:57:00
Sarah Willy (subtleworry@gmail.com)

Your site was very interesting and useful. I particularly liked the maps section.

09/11/2007 22:37:11
Nigel Campbell ()

Great site, having lived at the Kingholm Quay for several years and owning a small boat which was also moored at the Quay, i was surprised recently when i visited the Kingholm to see a few large boats there, nice to see it being used.

08/11/2007 15:06:41
Aaron Bates (aaron.bates@hotmail.co.uk)

This is a fantastic website, very informative and interesting. The sheer amount of information is very impressive though I don''t see mention of Whitehead Harbour, County Antrim. I am not refering to the slipway by the town''s carpark but of the orginal harbour with it''s distinctive white appearance. It is not easily accessible ( I walked along the railway line, bound to be an easier way) but does provide moorings for several boats. I''m sure it would be an interesting addition to this comprehensive list.
Thanks for all the effort you have made in providing this list!

16/10/2007 16:26:38
David Wilson (david2@hotmail.com)

Great site, have you seen the website www.portsofscotland.co.uk it''s also a good source of info.

11/09/2007 22:53:44
David Sleggs, port of dumfries development group. (cargo @nith-navigation.co.uk)

nice pic of glencaple. If you need any more just ask, next time!
All the best.

07/09/2007 12:29:10
neil parker (neil.parker@vpplc.com)

very very good information

11/04/2007 16:14:01
Bernard McCall (bernard@coastalshipping.co.uk)

An excellent site. There are also details of many of the small commercial ports in my book "Coasters around Britain", published in 1989 and now sadly out of print. An updated version is at the planning stage.

09/04/2007 12:42:47
marie mcathey ()

Partanhall is an absolutly beautiful place, i would recomend the view to anybody, the morning sun was a joy to wake up to, at low tide you can see the seals out on the rocks.

20/02/2007 10:15:09
Bob Shires (bobshires@btinternet.com)

I only found this site after a chance email correspondence with Bob Jones, who I hoped might help me identify an old photograph. Bob was unable to recognise the place in question, but it was only then I followed the link on his email to this site and realised how many small ports and harbours there are. Brilliant site I expect to be a regular!

Bob Shires

14/02/2007 18:35:46
Scott Maclean (scott5922@hotmail.com)

Great website, really useful. I''ve also found another really good site at www.portsofscotland.co.uk If you are into Ports and Harbours.
Keep the good work up

21/01/2007 21:09:57
margaret goode (magsgoode@hotmail.co.uk)

iam originaly from burnmouth
great website

28/11/2006 11:21:47
Donald Hope (thepolycroft@aol.com)

The Rowhedge ferry was still running in 1957.I lived at 19 Church hill till 1958 and as children we often used the ferry to get the train to Walton / Clacton beaches.Good to read about the old village. I wish there was more about Rowhedge Iron Works.

26/10/2006 16:31:32
Bruce Thomson (brucewthomson@aol.com)

Excellent list with plenty of information which will be of great use to me in the Moray Firth sailing area.

04/04/2006 13:06:26
Dave Snelson (dave.snelson@btconnect.com)

Great website. You may have to update my home harbour of Porthmadog as it it will soon have a small marina (pontoon berths with electricity & water) of its own!

Thanks for the obvious work that has gone into this.


15/03/2006 11:59:36
Bob Jones (site administrator) (info@ports.org.uk)

Whilst it''s not possible on this website to see the volumes of cargo handled by ports, you can download the latest document (Focus on Ports 2006) from the Department for Transport at http://www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_transstats/documents/page/dft_transstats_611027.hcsp. This provides the sort of information you are probably looking for.

12/03/2006 13:54:52
V.S.S.Sarma (vsssarma@gmail.com)

Nice work, my friend! Is there any way one can find out from the site - which are the biggest ports in terms of volume handled ? It will be nice to know if the data can be given in a descending order.

02/03/2006 11:36:19
Thomas ()

Hi Bob thanks for providing the only website that could provide me with the information i needed on Scottish Ports. Well done mate

22/02/2006 16:39:33
anna best (consumer@annabest.info)

I have come accross this wonderful website whilst searching for a list of UK harbours/ports that involve fishing. about the same size as whitstable in kent. I wonder if you have tips on how to find this list in existence , or maybe when i''ve put it together it can be of interest as a cross category..

20/02/2006 05:38:29
Iain Walinck (walinck@msn.com)

I am was born in Musselburgh in 1964, and have been living in Arizona (USA) since 1996.
I love old songs of the sea, and thought I wanted to write something about the Fisherrow fishwives, which brought me to your web site.
It was indeed a pleasure to view the photographs of the harbour, and read the brief history of it.
Thank you for bringing me close to home.