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Bouley Bay

Bouley Bay

Latitude: 49° 14'N
Longitude: 02° 10'W
Country: Channel Islands

Ownership: States of Jersey
Type: Municipal
Usage: Leisure, Fishing
Contact name: Capt. Howard Le Cornu, Harbourmaster
Address: Maritime House, La Route du Port Elizabeth, St Helier, Jersey JE1 1HB
Telephone no: 01534 447788
E-mail: jerseyharbours@gov.je
Website: www.portofjersey.je/Jerse...bours.aspx

About Bouley Bay

Bouley Bay is a tidal harbour which has deep water moorings within it. It is situated on Jersey’s north coast and is home to around 50 local craft. It is well sheltered from most wind directions.

Access into the pier is marked with approach buoys. Caution should be used when approaching or moving around the harbour, as the bay is home to a local dive school with divers regularly entering and leaving the water. You should also be cautious during dropping or low tides, as rocks are present at the pier head seaward end.

The old pier is a good place for fishermen and a bar and beach cafe facilities are among the other attractions.

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