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Latitude: 54° 33'N
Longitude: 00° 47'W
Country: England

Ownership: Staithes Harbour Board
Type: Trust
Usage: Leisure, Fishing
Contact name: N Fowler, Harbour Master
Address: Shale Cottage, Seaton Garth, Staithes, TS13 5DH
Telephone no: 01947 840110
Website: www.staithes-uk.co.uk/staithes.htm

About Staithes

In 1745 James Cook, aged 16, came from Whitby to live in Staithes. Captain Cook, as he was later to be known, received his first taste of the sea and ships in this harbor village, where he worked as an assistant to William Sanderson, merchant, for 18 months.

Staithes is a small, working fishing village on the North East coast about 11 miles north of Whitby. Of all the fishing villages along this area of the coast it is, perhaps, the least changed. At its peak around three hundred boats fished from Staithes. The traditional fishing coble, designed to be launched and landed on the beach, is still used by local fishermen.

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