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Kinloch (Rum)
Image Kinloch Castle Friends' Association

Kinloch (Rum)

Latitude: 57° 00'N
Longitude: 06° 16'W
Country: Scotland

Type: Unknown
Usage: Commercial, Ferry Terminal
Website: www.shipsofcalmac.co.uk/t...rminals=17

About Kinloch (Rum)

Kinloch, meaning 'at the head of the loch', overlooks Loch Scresort, a sheltered bay halfway up the east coast of Rum where the ferry arrives. Caledonian Macbrayne runs the ferry service from Mallaig to the Small Isles six days a week.

In 1845 the island of Rum was sold to the Marquis of Salisbury and he transformed it into a classic Victorian highland estate. He built the stone pier at Kinloch which was the point of arrival until the new deep water facility was commissioned in 2002.

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