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Latitude: 57° 16'N
Longitude: 05° 43'W
Country: Scotland

Ownership: The Highland Council
Type: Municipal
Usage: Leisure, Fishing
Contact name: Kyle Harbour Master
Telephone no: 01599 534589
Website: www.zen98766.zen.co.uk/ha...arbour.htm

About Kyleakin

Kyleakin is located across from Kyle of Lochalsh. The narrow strait between the two is the shortest distance from the island to the mainland of Scotland. Kyleakin was once the gateway to Skye. There was a ferry service operating there, that was in existence as early as 1841. The new bridge to the Isle of Skye was opened in October 1995. The ferries were retired the same day the bridge opened. Nowadays the old ferry slipway is simply the end of the road (as demonstrated by the car in the photo - it appears to be waiting for the non-existent ferry!).

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