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Latitude: 57° 42'N
Longitude: 05° 41'W
Country: Scotland

Ownership: Highland Council
Type: Municipal
Usage: Leisure, Fishing
Contact name: Mr Jackson Elder, Harbourmaster
Telephone no: 01445 712140
E-mail: jackson.elder@highland.gov.uk
Website: www.highland.gov.uk/youre...arbour.htm

About Gairloch

Gairloch harbour, once the centre of a thriving cod fishery, is today home to a small handful of fishing boats, landing a range of fish and shellfish. Sea fishing trips go out daily in the season from the Aird Pier. The harbour is situated at the south end of the village, at Charlestown, and offers marine trips daily to see whales, porpoises, and dolphins, seals and sea birds.

There are two jetties, a new one and an old one; between them is a new pontoon for leisure craft (see More Photos above).

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