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Latitude: 52° 52'N
Longitude: 00° 01'E
Country: England

Ownership: Fosdyke Yacht Haven Ltd
Type: Private
Usage: Leisure
Contact name: Mr David Parkinson
Address: Fosdyke, Spalding, Lincs, PE20 2DB
Telephone no: 01205 260240
E-mail: david@fosdykeyachthaven.co.uk
Website: www.fosdykeyachthaven.co.uk

About Fosdyke

In ancient times, Fosdyke often served as a port for Boston and the surrounding area. The former commercial port has now been converted to a pleasure boat marina. The original quay still remains, viewed here from the road bridge.

The modern fully operational facilities at Fosdyke Yacht Haven include experienced boat repair services for major refits and rebuilds, covering all types of craft of both traditional or contemporary construction. Vessel lift-outs can be undertaken with a variety of hoist options up to 50 tons.

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