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Loch Clash
Image David Forrest

Loch Clash

Latitude: 58° 27'N
Longitude: 05° 04'W
Country: Scotland

Ownership: Highland Council
Type: Municipal
Usage: Fishing

About Loch Clash

The original Kinlochbervie pier was at Loch Clash, on the north side of the town and remained there until the early 1970s when the present harbour at Loch Bervie was developed.

The salmon farming facilities in Loch Clash are serviced from the pier. Other activities include the loading of fish feed, replacement of cage nets and landing of harvested fish. The pier is in reasonably good condition having undergone recent repairs to its upper surface and is rarely used other than by the salmon farming company. Occasionally, large fishing boats which are unable to enter Kinlochbervie due to constraints of draught, off-load their catch at Loch Clash.

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