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Moclett (Papa Westray)
Image Orkney Islands Council

Moclett (Papa Westray)

Latitude: 59° 20'N
Longitude: 02° 53'W
Country: Scotland

Ownership: Orkney Islands Council
Type: Municipal
Usage: Ferry Terminal
Contact name: Capt. Nigel Mills, Director of Harbours
Address: Harbour Authority Building, Scapa, Orkney, KW15 1SD
Telephone no: 01856 873636
E-mail: harbours@orkney.gov.uk
Website: www.orkneyharbours.com/mo...t_pier.asp

About Moclett (Papa Westray)

Most of Orkney's northern islands benefit from excellent services provided by the three main car ferries operating from Kirkwall. Papa Westray is less fortunate, only receiving visits from the Earl Sigurd or Earl Thorfinn twice a week. And being without a roll-on roll-off terminal it relies on cargo or vehicles being lifted on or off by crane.

For many, the most convenient sea route to Papa Westray is via the normal ferry service from Kirkwall to Westray and then a connecting minibus service to Gill Pier, at the northern end of Pierowall. Here you board the passenger only ferry Golden Mariana for the short crossing of the Papa Sound to the pier at Moclett, at the southern end of Papa Westray.

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