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Sullom Voe
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Sullom Voe

Latitude: 60° 27'N
Longitude: 01° 18'W
Country: Scotland

Ownership: Shetland Islands Council
Type: Municipal
Usage: Commercial
Contact name: Capt Jim Dickson, General Manager and Harbour Master
Address: Port Administration Building, Sullom Voe, Sella Ness, Shetland, ZE2 9QR
Telephone no: 01806 242344
E-mail: jim.dickson@sic.shetland.gov.uk
Website: http://content.shetland.g...tion1.html

About Sullom Voe

The Port of Sullom Voe is a major deep water harbour.

The Sullom Voe Oil and Gas Complex is located within the port limites on Calback Ness and is operated by BP Exploration Operating Company Limited on behalf of several oil company participants. The oil delivered to Sullom voe through the Brent and Ninian pipelines is collected from a group of oilfields located in the East Shetland Basin and Schiehallion oil from West of Shetland is delivered to Sullom Voe via shuttle tankers.

The harbour is presently designed to routinely accept all tankers up to around 365 metres LOA with a draught of up to 22.6 metres, and LPG carriers up to and around 286 metres with a draught up to 16.8 metres.

In addition to liquid bulk and LPG cargo, the port can handle general, dry bulk, ro-ro, containerised cargo and quarried rock in relatively small vessels working at generlaly shallow draft jetties.

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