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Latitude: 51° 09'N
Longitude: 04° 39'W
Country: England

Type: Unknown
Usage: Leisure

About Lundy

Lundy is an island in the Bristol Channel off the west coast of Britain. It attracts many visitors, both for its peaceful surroundings and scientific research. The waters around it are England's only statutory Marine Nature Reserve. The island itself is mostly granite with a farmed area at the south and open moorland to the north, protected by numerous environmental designations.

The Marine Nature Reserve Zoning scheme has been established to present clearly, information related to the management of the Reserve, for the benefit of both wildlife and people, by showing users where they can undertake activities with minimal impact on the natural features and on each other. By following this scheme you can help ensure that the Reserve continues to be a special place. For many years, Lundy has proved a popular destination for yachts and other boats from the mainland. Upon reaching the island, all such craft are encouraged to anchor within the Landing Bay or other recognised anchorages, so that possible anchor damage to delicate seabed wildlife elsewhere can be avoided.

Anchoring within 100 metres of the Knoll Pins, where there are high concentrations of delicate and rare animals and plants, is not allowed.

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