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Latitude: 56° 28'N
Longitude: 06° 25'W
Country: Scotland

Type: Unknown
Usage: Ferry Terminal

About Staffa

Staffa meaning "Pillar Island", is an uninhabited island of caves. Only half a mile long by a quarter of a mile wide, Staffa is famous for its basaltic formations and distinctive stepped columns created when the lava of volcanic eruptions cooled many millions of years ago. These columns form the cathedral-like stature of Fingal's Cave, immortalised by Mendelssohn in his celebrated Hebrides overture. Other famous visitors to the island have included Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the artist J M W Turner, and poets and writers Keats, Wordsworth, Tennyson and Sir Walter Scott.

Several operators run boat trips from Mull or Iona during the summer season and in favourable weather landing is possible.

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