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Loch Ewe (NATO refuelling jetty)
Image Bob Jones

Loch Ewe (NATO refuelling jetty)

Latitude: 57° 49'N
Longitude: 05° 34'W
Country: Scotland

Ownership: HM Government
Type: Private
Address: Loch Ewe, Wester Ross

About Loch Ewe (NATO refuelling jetty)

Loch Ewe, the only north-facing loch in Scotland, is situated in Wester Ross not far from Gairloch. Loch Ewe has an interesting history; during World War 2 it was a convoy collecting point for the Arctic convoys to Russia. These convoys provided vital supplies to Murmansk and Archangel. Loch Ewe was protected by light and heavy anti aircraft guns. A boom net and mine defence system helped protect the vessels in Loch Ewe from German submarines (U boats) and air attacks. Altogether 481 merchant ships and over 100 naval vessels left Loch Ewe for Russia in a total of 19 Arctic convoys. At Rubha nan Sasan, on the western tip of Loch Ewe is a war memorial to the crews lost on Russian Convoys.

Due to its wartime destination there are many more or less ruined gun-emplacements and remains of other small buildings scattered around the loch.

The Loch Ewe 'Z' Berth, built in 1963, comprises a NATO Pol Jetty located on the north east coast of Loch Ewe. The 'Z' berth designation allows Britain's nuclear-powered warships to return home temporarily for servicing and/or recreational purposes. There is deep water close to the jetty, allowing submarines to spend a minimum time on the surface.

It is mainly used as a refuelling base for both NATO and UK naval vessels.

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